Friday’s Frugal Five

I’m following in the steps of Mrs. FITNB and posting a list of five frugal choices I’ve made this week!

  1. Sunday we made a trip to Target and I noticed that several categories of household goods were 15% off.  There was also a deal where a certain multi-pack of Charmin was on sale and if you bought 3 packs you also got a $10 Target gift card.  Instead of buying one multi-pack like I normally do, I stocked up to get the $10 card and save 15% on all 3.  Bonus: we won’t need to buy TP for a while!
  2. Monday I did free yoga at work over my lunch hour.
  3. I have a stash of Discover cash back and have been using it to buy restaurant gift cards.  This week I got a Panera card and a Chipotle card.  There is a Chipotle near work and it’s nice to be able to go out to lunch for ‘free.’
  4. A friend recommended a book to me at lunch on Wednesday and when I got back to work I put it on my holds list at the library.  The local library has a fantastic selection of e-books.  I typically try to have 3-4 books on hold at any given time, which means I usually have a new one ready for checkout by the time I’ve finished whatever current book I’m reading.
  5. The other night we had pork chops for dinner and I bought the big 8 oz ones instead of the smaller ones I normally buy.  Because of this there was about 1/4 of a pork chop left.  Normally I might have tossed it, but for good measure I put it in the frig along with some leftover brown rice & quinoa.  Thursday morning I put that and some leftover spaghetti squash in my lunch pail to take to work.  It was actually pretty good…and much better than spending $5-10 on mediocre lunch from our work cafeteria.

How did you frugal it up this week?

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