Friday’s Odds and Ends: Shopping, Giving, Making a Will

  • I bought zero consumer items on Black Friday.  A handful of things were purchased in store on Monday: some candy for family stocking stuffers, snacks and gift cards for daycare teachers, and a small Crayola gift for my daughter for Christmas.  This was probably 50+% of my holiday shopping – we are keeping it simple this year.  Of course it’s great to save money, but for me it’s also about reducing STRESS.  Figuring out what to buy people, and what they should buy me (and now my child, too!) can be exhausting.
  • Our household contributions to charity have not been impressive this year.  I did, however, participate in #givingTuesday.  A donation was made to the local food bank, an impressively run organization that serves our entire metro area and beyond.  Two sets of infant PJs were also donated to a children’s charity, via their Amazon wish list.  The last time I checked over 2,500 items had been purchased!  Using an Amazon wish list is a pretty brilliant way for charities to receive the exact goods they need, in exactly the right quantities.
  • The hubs and I finally met with a lawyer about making a will.  This is definitely filed under the category of ‘boring adulty stuff,’ but now that we have a child – and  actually have some significant assets as well – it’s important to get it taken care of.  More to come on this topic as we finalize the documents!

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