Financial Freedom Part 2: The plan (with charts!)

Last week I wrote about my view on financial freedom.  Today I want to write a little bit about our financial freedom goal.  The financial freedom amount is not enough to be financially independent, but it could be thought of as an intermediate goal on the way to FIRE.  It’s the amount that would make me (a somewhat risk-averse person) feel comfortable with a large financial life change.

I’m not one to share actual numbers, so everything will be percentage based.  Here’s where we stand as of today against this goal:

Actually, making this graph was kinda nice, we are closer to the goal than I realized.  Who-hoo!

This includes all our investable assets (401(k)s, IRAs, taxable, some company stock).  It does not include our daughter’s 529, cash savings, or home equity.

If the markets cooperate and we continue to save at the same clip, I think we’ll hit this goal sometime in 2020:


Most of our investments are tied up in retirement accounts, so I’d like for 10% of the financial freedom goal to be easily accessible should we need it:


As you can see there is some work to be done here, though depending on how we choose to crunch the numbers, our emergency fund cash savings could be included in this bucket.

Of course the markets could go sideways in the next few years; who knows what financial crisis lurks in the shadows.  But I’m pretty FIREd up about being this close to goal!

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