Friday’s Frugal Five

Friday’s Frugal Five

Tread Lightly, Retire Early has been one of my inspirations for doing the Friday Frugal Five.  I’ve been at a bit of a loss for inspiration on what to write about next, so recapping my money wins for the week is a quick way for me to stay engaged with both the blog and my financial accountability.

  1. Mrs. Groovy pointed out in a post this week that she gets excited when the library notifies her that a new book is checked out and waiting for her.  I am the same way!  My library has a great selection of e-books, so I just put a few on hold at a time, then patiently wait until one is available to check out.  Typically a new one will be available by the time I’m done reading my current book.  I finally got a book this week that had been on my holds list for a couple months.
  2. I gave away almost all of my maternity clothes to a friend last year, but I kept one black sweater.  I’m actually wearing it today!  It doesn’t look like a maternity sweater at all, which is why I kept it.  Also, I don’t thrift shop very often, but I did buy a few things that way when I was pregnant.  This sweater was purchased secondhand for $8.
  3. I only went out to lunch one day this week and it was a pre-planned lunch with a work friend I don’t catch up with enough.  The other four days I packed lunch from home.  I had the same meal THREE times – a leftover black bean soup that I made on Sunday.  Luckily it was delicious, and I also mixed it up by bringing a few different snacks/sides to go with the soup.
  4. That black bean soup I just mentioned?  It was made with a $1.29 bag of dry black beans, an onion, and some carrots/celery/spices I already had at home.  Cheap, filling, and nutritious.
  5. The cold snap we had this week made me realize the parts of my wardrobe that are lacking.  A specific example would be my lack of thick, warm socks.  Since I’m doing the Uber Frugal Month Challenge, I did not immediately go buy new socks.  I made do by doubling up on my thin socks.

What financial wins did you have this week, small or large?

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  1. I love the little SQUEEE I get inside when I get the email saying a book is waiting for me to pick up at the library! Most recently: yesterday.

    I scraped together food from home on Friday (despite it being the end of the week – running out of food) so I didn’t have to buy lunch. Must plan ahead better next week!

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