Friday’s Frugal Five (or FAIL?)

Friday’s Frugal Five (or FAIL?)


This week’s recap feels like more of a Frugal Fail than a Frugal Five.  But here’s how it went:

  1. The big frugal fail was an unplanned house expense.  My husband started off doing something very frugal: he tried to fix our leaky shower head.  (He’s actually pretty handy around the house.)  Unfortunately things went awry and then the main water valve shutoff to our house BROKE.  Yup, not a whole lot you can do there that doesn’t involve calling a plumber.  That was an unexpected 4-figure expense.  Sometimes that’s the reality of being a homeowner, but it was still frustrating.  Luckily we have a healthy emergency fund for just this purpose, should we need to tap into it.
  2. Everyone in our house was sick at some point this past week!   My husband was actually at home from work Monday when the whole plumbing debacle happened, and I felt terrible because he had taken the day as a sick day to get more rest from the cold/flu he had over the weekend.  Right about the time the plumber left I showed up at home, as I had received a call from the daycare to pick up our sick child.  Luckily, the family sickness didn’t derail our spending much.  When I was home with the baby Tuesday I ate leftovers for lunch, and when my husband was home with her on Wednesday he made a box of mac and cheese that we had in the pantry.  AND, I had a banana that was past it’s prime that was perfect for putting in a smoothie that I made for our feverish little one.  Sick babies are soooo sad!  Luckily everyone is on their way back to 100% health now.
  3. Stocked up on snack provisions at work to avoid visiting the vending machine or running to the work cafe for a snack or treat.   (See photo)
  4. We received two gift deposits to our daughter’s 529 account this month for her birthday.  Yay for family members who are willing to support our financial and lifestyle goals!  Our daughter definitely didn’t need any more “stuff” so the 529 gifts were perfect.
  5. We had fajitas a couple nights ago for dinner.  There was just a smidge left over that I stashed in the frig for lunch today, saving me from having to buy lunch out.

It feels defeating to be writing about such SMALL WINS, like eating leftover fajitas rather than spending $5-10 on a lunch from the work cafe, in a week where we had such a LARGE unexpected expense.  But I have been reminding myself this week that small savings daily, on important categories of our lifestyle, lead to large savings over time.

How was your week?  Has your household been battling sickness this season too?

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (or FAIL?)

  1. Ouch on that plumbing repair! But hey, things happen.

    I help my wife avoid the vending machine at work by packing her lunch every day. We must’ve saved tons that way since the vending machine really is her weakness (her kryptonite? Achilles heal?)

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