Friday Gratitude

Today’s theme: Work and Money!

We just got done with the performance review cycle I’m a part of at work.  Reviews are always interesting.  Some people are happy, some people are upset, some people are excited about their raises and others are pissed off.   (One of my coworkers refused to look at the company-wide communication about executive promotions, knowing it would just make her mad.)

This was a pretty middling year for me.  No promotion, no outstanding performance rating, a standard meager raise.  But I’m focusing on gratitude as this week comes to a close, for several reasons:

  • I have some things up in the air in terms of the future of my job, and I think that’s been causing some underlying stress for a while.  I brought up the uncertainty in my review, and received some assurances that my time will be redeployed to other projects if business needs change.  There are, of course, no guarantees in the corporate world, but it did allay some fears.  I am grateful for a good boss who recognizes my skill and understands where I can provide value.
  • Though my raise was one of the smallest ones I’ve received at this company, guess what?  It’s still a raise!  And since I make more than I did early in my career, that smaller percentage is still a larger dollar value than many raises received in years past.  So I am grateful for a slightly larger paycheck.  I don’t want to take for granted the add to our household’s bottom line.
  • Laurie’s post came across my Twitter feed at exactly the right time this week – it reminded me to bank my raise!  I immediately increased the portion of my paycheck directed to savings and also set up a (VERY) small monthly transfer to our brokerage account.  I am grateful to have discretionary income to save and invest.
  • It’s really easy at review time to get caught up in how we compare to others. Did I get a better review? Did I get a better raise?  Does everyone else make more than me?  Comparison is the thief of joy.  If I step back for a minute, I am reminded that I make a pretty good salary, AND I have a very good work-life balance to go along with it.

What are you grateful for this weekend?

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