Friday’s Frugal Five

Friday’s Frugal Five

Happy Friday!  Here’s a few of my fun frugal stories from the past week.

  1.  Toddlers are interesting little humans.  I’m still amazed that I already have a kid that’s old enough to have opinions.  My daughter has been wearing a pair of hand-me-down sandals since the hot weather started.  Unfortunately, the Velcro on them has worn out and they kept coming undone.  A couple of times we’ve tried to get her to wear some other hand-me-down sandals, and we’ve even tried on new sandals at the store a few times.  She wasn’t having it!  Luckily we found a way to salvage her beloved sandals.  We purchased a 3M Velcro strip kit for $2.99 at Target last weekend.  My husband cut the strips to a smaller size, used the adhesive to attach them to the worn-out existing Velcro areas, and then stapled the new Velcro on for good measure.  It’s been almost a full week of daycare, and they seem to still be working well!
  2. I used our local Buy Nothing Group for the first time!  My daughter stopped taking bottles months ago, but the bottle drying rack has still been taking up valuable counter top space.  The bottles we used also still had plenty of useful life, and I even had some bottles sitting in the closet that I’d never even used. The thing about being an older mom is that it’s harder to find friends to give things away to when you no longer need them.  I could have taken the bottles and drying rack to Goodwill, but I felt like that wasn’t a very direct way to give the items to someone who might really need them.  So I posted them on our local Buy Nothing Facebook group.  It’s not a very active group, but luckily someone responded pretty quickly that she was interested.  She came by to pick up the items yesterday.  Not only did I remove some clutter from my house, I was also able to find a good home for some very useful items.   (Seriously, that bottle drying rack was amazing.  So well designed!)
  3. Yesterday when I was getting ready for work I noticed some old sandals I hadn’t worn for quite a while.  I decided to wear them to work.  I have had them so long that I’m not even sure how old they are!  My best guess is that they were purchased in 2006 or 2007.  Because I hadn’t worn them for so long, I was able to trick myself into feeling like I was wearing something new.
  4. I’ve had a no-spend work week with food and drinks.  One day I used a cash back gift card to eat at Chipotle.  My friend took me out for a belated birthday lunch yesterday. (Thanks MP!)  I used a rewards card to pick up a free Starbucks on Wednesday.  And the other three days this week lunch has consisted of some form of leftover taco meat combined with toppings plus random other sides.
  5. This week I worked out at our work fitness center twice.  I often forget how lucky I am to have access to a free fitness center at work.  Yes, the equipment is kind of old.  But, there is a variety of equipment, and they have GREAT programming.  They also do fun activities and challenges.  For example, on Wednesday they were doing a drawing for Global Running Day for anyone who ran that day.  Today I did one of the many workout classes they offer.

Have you ever received or given away something through a Buy Nothing Group or Freecycle?  What were your frugal wins for the week? 

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  1. Like I said on Twitter, I still haven’t used our local Buy Nothing group, but I have joined it at least. I understand the reasoning behind not just giving every item to the first person who responds, I have been a bit intimidated in having to “pick” who gets the item. Definitely not the problem of worrying that no one will speak up!

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