Small Steps, Big Gains – Q3 Goals Recap

Small Steps, Big Gains – Q3 Goals Recap

In September I set a personal goal to exercise at least 10 minutes every day.

How did I do?

28 out of 30 days last month, I met this goal!  And a strange thing happened along the way.

Because I spent part of the month battling knee and back pain (#thisis40), many of those days, my activity didn’t consist of running or other high impact activities.  Instead, I chose to walk.  And as a result, I logged more miles of walking than I have in any month in the past three years.  These small amounts of activity, done almost every day, resulted in more mileage logged than in other months where I’ve logged fewer, but longer activities.

This feels like an analogy for where our household is with our financial progress, too.  Since April, when my husband lost his job, we’ve slowed down on the savings and investments.  But those dollars trickling in to my 401(k) every paycheck are steadily increasing my balance over time.  Progress is progress, whether it happens $1 at a time or $1,000 at a time.

Here’s a look at how my 2018 goals are shaping up now that we’re three quarters of the way through the year.

Financial Goals

Max out 401(k).  On track!  I was a little unsure if I’d be able to keep contributing at the same level after Mr. FIREdup lost his job.  But we’ve rallied.  (More to come soon on Mr. FIREdup’s current work situation.)

Fund 25% of Financial Freedom goal for non-retirement funds.  At 26.5%.  YAY!  As long as the markets hold this goal will be met.


Make 2017 IRA contribution/Finalize will.  Done!


12 Items in 2018.  My plan is to limit clothing related purchases to 12 or less items this year.  As of today, I’ve purchased nine items.  I’m right on track for the year.


Average one post per week two posts per month.  There are days I think about scrapping this blog altogether, and then there are days where I love it.  I’ve posted at least twice a month every month this year, and while I’d like to do more, practically speaking this goal is sustainable.

Share quarterly updates on progress against the Financial Freedom goal.


One year ago, we were at 67.3% of this goal; now we’re at 78.2%.  At this same clip, assuming no major market correction, we could meet this goal in two years.  Which is AMAZING, guys!

Stretch Goals

Get 2nd mortgage balance below $10,000.  Today this balance stands at $13,537.93.  While we’ve got the money to pay it down, I’m not sure I want to liquidate that much from our savings account.  Time will tell.  I could see myself getting annoyed and just paying it down out of spite before December 31 rolls around.

How are you doing against your goals for the year?  

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