A New Job and a New Milestone

It’s been a while since the last post.  Life has been busy and I’m trying to establish a new “normal” routine.

New Job!

I’m now three weeks into the new job.  It has been exactly as I imagined yet at the same time different from what I expected.  The days absolutely FLY by.  I’m trying really hard to maintain a good work-life balance.  This job could easily consume 60 hours of my life every week, but I’m not willing to give it that much, so I’m trying to focus on the most important things and to be as efficient as possible in the time I do work.  So there’s not a lot of down time during the work day.  I did set an intention to have some sort of lunch break twice a week, whether that be lunch with a friend or taking some time to get away from the desk to go for a run.

What I’ve discovered over the last three weeks is that the new job is even more undefined than I had expected.  Each work day generally starts in a panic with me thinking about all the things our leadership has tasked us to get done that I’m not making any progress on.  Then, by the middle of the day, I realize that most of the other people doing the same job as me (who are also pretty new to the team) don’t really know what they’re doing, either.

There’s probably a handful of things that are keeping me from not losing my mind over the ambiguity of this new job:

  • I started taking meds again for my anxiety.  This is something I’ve never talked about on here, but from 2011-2016 I took an SSRI, then stopped taking it during my pregnancy.  I’ve thought on and off since then about going back on it, but knowing the stress that would be involved with a new job was the biggest factor that finally made me decide to start it again.  I think it has definitely been helpful during this work transition.
  • I’ve been at my company a long time; I’ve made a few of these job transitions, and I’ve always figured out a way to eventually get in a groove and deliver results.  I respect the leadership in my new group and know they have a vested interest in making sure we are all successful.  They know this isn’t an easy job we’ve been tasked with doing.
  • We hit a new $X00,000 household net worth milestone this past week!  It kind of sneaked up on me.  We were close to hitting this number last fall before the markets tanked, but since I’ve been busy lately I hadn’t been paying too much attention to the upward fluctuations in the market.

Celebrating Milestones

This net worth milestone is far from what we would need to be FI.  However, it’s REAL money.  It’s enough that it eases some of my work stress – I know that if things got really terrible, I could leave and we would be okay for a while.

It’s going to be a while before we see another one of these milestones – maybe even a couple years.  So did we do anything big to celebrate?  Sort of.  We went to dinner at a nice restaurant with some friends.  And I ordered exactly what I wanted, without worrying about how much it cost.  I had two glasses of rose wine, a strip steak with Gorgonzola cheese topping, mashed potatoes, and coffee and key lime pie for dessert.  It was DIVINE.  And I felt zero guilt about spending the money.

Do you celebrate net worth or debt payoff milestones?  If so, how do you celebrate?

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