Westminster Abbey, August 2016.

Hi! I’m JP, longtime personal finance geek.

Some things to know about me:

  • I have an undergrad degree in finance and an MBA.
  • As a grad student I taught a class on personal finance.
  • In my first job out of grad school, I educated people about why and how to invest in their workplace retirement plans.
  • I’m the main breadwinner in my household, and the manager of the household finances.
  • The birth of our daughter at the beginning of 2017 refocused efforts to maximize our financial position.
  • I’m tracking progress towards our financial freedom goal here on the blog.

The FIRE (financially independent/retired early) community has been a huge source of inspiration on how to live well and still save with intensity.  That community is why I decided to start this blog!

Here you’ll find discussions on personal finance as it relates to work, parenting, marriage, and saving for retirement.